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S. Lee Harper
Least bulky back support

I have been looking regularly for over 5 years for a good product. Bought some expensive junk over the years. Had pretty much given up the hope of even getting a wearable one. What I wasn't aware was the Maxar comes in 3 levels of quality. The Deluxe is amazing. The main body is made of a stiff mesh with metal spiral stays, and wide side straps to snug up the control. So no wrinkling, sagging, or riding up if snugly placed. Most other products narrow down too much in the front, this is not an issue with Maxar. No cutting into sides due to too narrow straps. I do recommend buying a size smaller if you are on the edge of the next size, either way. Say you are 40'' waist and the XL is 40-44, defiantly go to size L. I find wearing this 8-16 hours a day will slowly strengthen abs, and reduce the over all waist size by several inches.

I would highly recommend this belt

I am in health care and I work in a hospital and I have to turn people and lift a lot objects. This belt does wonders. I can feel the lumbar support and it actually helps me keep my posture at work for a full 12 hours. I would highly recommend this belt.

P. Cook
Five Stars

Very well made back support that fits my 6 2, 265 lbs frame.

Elizabeth S. Wood
I bought this as I love to do my yard work

I am not a flyweight by any means. I am a 73 year old female with multiple back issues, including the "door hinge" in my neck. I bought this as I love to do my yard work, but at the end of the day, I am DONE! I put this on, cinched it up, and I felt WONDERFUL! We just had our retaining wall rebuilt (my first one fell down from water back pressure). This time, I had planned on putting marble chips in back of it, to allow for seeping drainage. Well, I just finished, today, having put down 3 palates of the marble. Each bag weighed about 50 pounds. Add it up...60 bags per palate, 3 palates equals 9000 pounds of rock. I loaded it on a lawn tractor-trailer, then unloaded, cut open the bag, and distributed it. I feel great. I think this helped me a lot in holding me together, in alignment. It may look a little dorky, on a senior female, but this was not a fashion show.

Very good

Bought for my husband who works with loads and he wears it everyday and says it helps keep his back safe. That says a lot because my husband is very difficult lol