Let’s face it, we all need a little support now and then.

Whether it’s because of a sports injury, a work-related accident, or just for preventive measures, many of us require physical support products to help us heal while still allowing us to perform at our peak level. That’s why the MAXAR brand of sports medicine and orthopedic support products was created.

But the truth is, there are a number of companies that make support products. The question is: Why choose MAXAR?

Natural Fibers

The MAXAR collection includes orthopedic supports made from natural fibers so they’re effective yet comfortable to wear. For example, cotton is used for cool comfort, while wool and Angora provide relief to aching joints.

Highly Breathable Materials  

In addition to natural fibers, MAXAR products are constructed with highly breathable, elastic materials that provide effective support without making you feel overheated.  

Medically Correct

Whether it’s form-fitting stays, double pivot hinges or lightweight support fabrics, MAXAR products have been validated by feedback from medical professionals. So they don’t just provide support, they actually promote healing.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy

Besides sporting an attractive new design, our MAXAR line now features more products with bio-magnetic therapy, which has long been recommended by medical experts as an effective, drug-free alternative for pain reduction and rehabilitation.

If you want comfort, natural materials, breathability, medically correct designs, and healing power, you want MAXAR.